State Gate Cafe

102 State St, Bremerton, WA 98337, USA

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State Gate Cafe is located across the street from the shipyard State Gate, come in and try our amazing drinks and delicious food.

Kayleigh Paugh
August 19, 2020

I am a doordash delivery driver and everything I have had to pickup an order I have been treated poorly and ignored and even had a employee on my way out make the comment that they hate doordash. I am a pleasant and patient person and understand that it gets busy and that the stress of everything going on has everyone on edge but I personally still try to be pleasant and many othe businesses have employees who are still quite pleasant. Now I'm not sure if its because I deliver or because of health issues I am only able to wear a shield but I am complying with this mandate wether I agree with it or not but I truly do not understand why I was treated differently and why a customer who ordered food had to wait longer then 2 people who walked in after me and ordered there instead of online. This is their customer as much as mine when I take an order from their business to them and if its such a problem then they should no longer offer delivery through a third party and should hire their own drivers. I hope they find a better attitude towards delivery drivers as this is the only way some of us are able to support ourselves at the moment. Have a pleasent day.

Gina Schulz
April 24, 2018

Coolest coffee shop in town. Looking for a great local cafe. Located in the basement of an old brick building that looks like a castle! Originally built as officers quarters. I showed this property before it sold. The wallpaper in there was fantastic.

Tyler Tetrault
December 02, 2019

My favorite thing to get us drip coffee with a splash of cream and the breakfast burrito. Hands down the best thing there. They serve white coffee which is awesome in my mind. They get you in a few nd out quickly. No real line that leaves you waiting forever.

Donny Brenner
April 29, 2020

Very good food great customer service, friendly, all service personnel smiling.

Alma Bacani
July 25, 2018

Good food. Good location. No competition.

State Gate Cafe

Our Address

102 State St, Bremerton, WA 98337, USA

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